Monday, January 12, 2015

That Kind of Weekend

This past weekend was delightful and the kind that makes you want another weekend when the alarm goes off Monday morning!!  Aside from grocery shopping and dropping Travis and Sydney off here and there, I had nowhere I had to be and nothing specific I had to do or get done!  I had a few items on a do list I wanted to get done, but I didn't put pressure myself to get them done.  Friday evening while both kids were out with friends, I tackled a project I have been trying to do since I moved into my little house – sort through and organize various files and loose photos that I had in boxes and files. And I made a good dent on this Friday night!

Saturday was rainy and cool!  After errands and a few chores around the house and being the mom-taxi, I made some hot chocolate, wrapped a blanket around me and watched some TV. The rain was consistent almost all day, so needed here in southern California.  I savored this downtime!
I felt so content and happy and at peace in my house – I just absolutely love it!  Later in the evening I finished up my sorting project – I now have a neat and organized desk, all the loose photos are now organized in photo boxes and I even organized all my scrapbook stuff and files, so that hopefully I can begin scrapbooking again!
And then Sunday I awoke to more clouds and rain!  It was hard getting up, I wanted to stay tucked under my warm blankets!  But the coffee was calling me as was church!  Later in the day, Sydney and I went to a baby shower then I took a nap, made a yummy dinner and hung out with the best kids I could ask for!
So its no wonder that when the alarm went off this morning all I wanted was another weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2015

11 Things {December 2014}

1.  Decorating my house was so fun this year – I really thought I would want ALL new stuff (didn't want memories from the old stuff) but as I unpacked things and sorted through what I have, I was happy with a lot of the stuff.
2.  We made a lot of these little cookies! Sydney was so happy – best $2.50 I had spent in a long time!
3. posted a couple throw back photos of past Christmases on IG (@justiffanyday) 

4.  Had a lovely work luncheon at Bouchon in Beverly Hills
5.  Attended THE cutest ballet recital as several of my friends have 3 year olds!
6.  Went to a the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck party – so much fun!!
7.  Had cocktails, lunch and gifts with my wonderful sister to celebrate the Season!
8.  A little Christmas wish on IG – "May His perfect peace and love bring you eminence Joy!" 
9.  Spent Christmas day and the day after at my sister's house; warm, cozy, lazy days.  With yummy food! #blessed

10.  Did some post Christmas shopping: 
11.  Picked up this lovely platter at Anthropolgie, thanks to my mom's generous gift card!!  My mom also, along with the gift card gave me several wonderful items from Anthro!!

It was a GOOD month!  We spent a few days in the mountains for New Year's but that deserves its own 11 things post!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Today was a rough day!  I had to take many deep breathes and try and give myself grace.  I was remembering this moment up on the mountain in Green Valley - kind of surreal to look out over the city while the sun goes down!  Life is so hard and God is so good!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Well Hello 2015 {I see you}

 We said good-bye to 2014 in the cold snowy mountains of California in Green Valley Lake. 

And as the saying always seem to go, "where did 2014 go?"  I found myself reflecting a bit as I stared at the city from atop this little mountain.  I thought about my "word" for 2014: trust and how that carried me through the year.  I realized that trusting was so key to so much of what transpired in my life the last year:
- after two years of living with my mom and aunt, we moved into our own little place – so much trust for that to happen!
- I had to really trust that I can handle single parenting – of two teenagers no less!  I really learned how to love my kids well, love them how they need to be loved not just how I want to love them.  Parenting sure has its challenges and I am so completely grateful for a community that helps me and watches for things I may not see or notice.  I have really good kids and it's still hard to be a parent!  I am so lucky to be their mom, to guide them, to walk along side of them, to learn from them and to love them forever, no matter what!
- I had to trust deeper His will for my life and the wise ones who spoke truth to me.  I had to trust so utterly and completely that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
- And I learned to TRUST myself.  Time and time again I was reminded and shown how I am lead and guided and that I need to trust what I feel and hear my heart telling me. The trusting was huge for me and I am so thankful for everything I learned in 2014.
And now its 2015 – January - a new beginning and a fresh start.  I have noticed that throughout the year I feel like starting over and making a fresh start.  Maybe it’s the seasons or other events that take place, like spring break, summer starting and a new school year. 
I have spent some concentrated time deep cleaning my house and getting rid of things and decluttering and organizing – even though I only moved into my house 9 months ago, this still needed to be done!
And now, for 2015, here are some things I am hoping for and my one little word for this year:
I am hoping I will write more and post it here on my blog.  I like writing, my soul needs it and for some reason, it feels good to "put it out there" and just see what happens.  I have always looked at my blog as a scrapbook of my life, so I need to add to it, more frequently.  I guess I struggle with feeling like the content isn't important and/or finding and making the time to actually blog/post.  I tend to think in sequence of time when I post, so how can I write about my word for 2015 when I haven't written about December and Christmas!  What I need to realize is, it doesn't matter, I can make the rules about this blog – I can let it be whatever it is to be.  And I want to connect/introduce myself to bloggers whose blogs I read but don't comment on!
I am hoping to let myself be more vulnerable - life is hard and messy and full of grace and love.  I want to just breathe and be who I am, who He made me to be.  I want to accept the things I am not and embrace the things I am.   I love this quote "Love Writes a Beautiful Story."  I want to be vulnerable enough to let love write my story – in all aspects of my life.
I hope to read more books and keep up with my bible reading course.  I hope we find a rescue dog to call ours!  I hope I can start a regular walking habit/routine - I need to move more.
And my word for 2015 is see - to perceive with the eyes; look at; to perceive (things) mentally; discern; understand; to be congnizant of; recognize; to accept or imagine or suppose as acceptable.
I want to SEE this year - really see what my kids need, see what they are saying and not saying, see them completely and fully.  I want to see the hearts of my family and friends.  I want to see signs and wonders and healing.  I want to see miracles.  I want to see that I am walking my talk.
God is so Good!  His grace and mercy amaze me every time I see it and every time I am on the receiving end of it.  This life is not easy or perfect, it truly is a journey and I am so blessed to have a family, a church family and friends (who really are family) who love us so well!  I still struggle at times, I know we all do.  The amazing thing to me is, we aren't alone, we have each other, we have Jesus!  He turns all things to work for His good - we just need to love Him.
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, "plans to
prosper you and not to harm you, palns to give you
hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11
Happy New Year - indeed!!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

A life lately update

Its about time I update things here, if for no other reason, than for posterity sake!!

Life lately has been good, I am living my moments, I am thriving, I am growing, learning and still trusting and hoping for so much more!

I am starting with Halloween, even though its well past pumpkins and hay!

We carved pumpkins with friends and there was much ado about the fact that Travis and Sydney had never really truly carved a pumpkin!  It just wasn't what we did, we decorated more for fall, not Halloween and honestly they never asked to carve a pumpkin so I just never did it with them.

Trav's is on the right and Syd's is on the left - great job!

Halloween night an escapee from the insane asylum:

and Wednesday Adams

November brought some cooler weather - finally!  Dinner and lunch dates, the flu for me, making cookies, decorating and of course Thanksgiving!

Sitting on my porch on a cool wet morning - glorious!!  I tried to be good to myself this month!  I went to the movies with my girlfriends - Gone Girl!  I read the book and the movie was just as good!

I had a dinner date with Travis - love this kid of mine!

The kids and I spent a lazy Sunday evening watching Elf and having dinner with my sweet nieces!
A change in plans on a beautiful Saturday lead to Sydney and I shopping and having lunch - loved spending the day with my sweet girl!  I love this girl - alot!

Sunday Dinner and tree decorating at Mimi and Aunt Patti's!!

We had a fun weekend of cookie baking, decorating and red cup getting!!


I know - this is hung wrong - Trav, Syd nor I realized it while we were hanging it! But an hour later... eh, I just left it -- its right if you read from the bottom up!
I am so grateful for my 2 amazing Days!

And then, it was Thanksgiving week!  The kids spent the week with their dad.  And I headed to my sister's. I had a most lovely and relaxing time!  We toasted, made pies, watched movies, ate yummy food, my niece cut and weaved my hair and we did some online black Friday shopping!!!

And that was my November - full, warm, cozy, a little sad, good, hard, life changing and growth!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Falling into Fall {Insta Friday}

Happy Friday!!!  I am linking up with Jeannett for Insta Friday!! 

With my kids being teenagers and their schedules and mine, we don't always get an evening at home together – all 3 of us.  But this one Friday night – we had family night!  Tacos, nachos and a movie – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!  They laid like this through most of the movie!  I love these two!
 Time with my sweet sister on her birthday!  We met for breakfast and then hit a few of our favorite shops on Moorpark & Tujunga!  She's the best – my favorite. 

Oh these two – peas in a pod – ying and yang – sweet and sour – moon and stars – cousin love and best friends – makes my heart so happy!

 Oktoberfest night at Rayen Resort!  Milk braids pined up, a semi pheasant top and there you go!  But Travis – he went the whole nine yards – he emerged from his room and I was so impressed!  He could be a missing Van Trapp child or getting ready to audition for a Toaster Strudel commercial!

Sydney in the middle of free-hand drawing designs on a painted laugh sign Free-handed the whole thing!!  This girl is very artistic and super creative!

Oh hello!!  This is me and my geeky work mode!  Bah!  You are welcome! J

Adding a little fall to my porch!!!  Finally falling into fall!

Happy Friday!!  Wishing us all a warm and cozy weekend filled with all our favorite things!

life rearranged