Thursday, December 4, 2014

A life lately update

Its about time I update things here, if for no other reason, than for posterity sake!!

Life lately has been good, I am living my moments, I am thriving, I am growing, learning and still trusting and hoping for so much more!

I am starting with Halloween, even though its well past pumpkins and hay!

We carved pumpkins with friends and there was much ado about the fact that Travis and Sydney had never really truly carved a pumpkin!  It just wasn't what we did, we decorated more for fall, not Halloween and honestly they never asked to carve a pumpkin so I just never did it with them.

Trav's is on the right and Syd's is on the left - great job!

Halloween night an escapee from the insane asylum:

and Wednesday Adams

November brought some cooler weather - finally!  Dinner and lunch dates, the flu for me, making cookies, decorating and of course Thanksgiving!

Sitting on my porch on a cool wet morning - glorious!!  I tried to be good to myself this month!  I went to the movies with my girlfriends - Gone Girl!  I read the book and the movie was just as good!

I had a dinner date with Travis - love this kid of mine!

The kids and I spent a lazy Sunday evening watching Elf and having dinner with my sweet nieces!
A change in plans on a beautiful Saturday lead to Sydney and I shopping and having lunch - loved spending the day with my sweet girl!  I love this girl - alot!

Sunday Dinner and tree decorating at Mimi and Aunt Patti's!!

We had a fun weekend of cookie baking, decorating and red cup getting!!


I know - this is hung wrong - Trav, Syd nor I realized it while we were hanging it! But an hour later... eh, I just left it -- its right if you read from the bottom up!
I am so grateful for my 2 amazing Days!

And then, it was Thanksgiving week!  The kids spent the week with their dad.  And I headed to my sister's. I had a most lovely and relaxing time!  We toasted, made pies, watched movies, ate yummy food, my niece cut and weaved my hair and we did some online black Friday shopping!!!

And that was my November - full, warm, cozy, a little sad, good, hard, life changing and growth!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Falling into Fall {Insta Friday}

Happy Friday!!!  I am linking up with Jeannett for Insta Friday!! 

With my kids being teenagers and their schedules and mine, we don't always get an evening at home together – all 3 of us.  But this one Friday night – we had family night!  Tacos, nachos and a movie – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!  They laid like this through most of the movie!  I love these two!
 Time with my sweet sister on her birthday!  We met for breakfast and then hit a few of our favorite shops on Moorpark & Tujunga!  She's the best – my favorite. 

Oh these two – peas in a pod – ying and yang – sweet and sour – moon and stars – cousin love and best friends – makes my heart so happy!

 Oktoberfest night at Rayen Resort!  Milk braids pined up, a semi pheasant top and there you go!  But Travis – he went the whole nine yards – he emerged from his room and I was so impressed!  He could be a missing Van Trapp child or getting ready to audition for a Toaster Strudel commercial!

Sydney in the middle of free-hand drawing designs on a painted laugh sign Free-handed the whole thing!!  This girl is very artistic and super creative!

Oh hello!!  This is me and my geeky work mode!  Bah!  You are welcome! J

Adding a little fall to my porch!!!  Finally falling into fall!

Happy Friday!!  Wishing us all a warm and cozy weekend filled with all our favorite things!

life rearranged

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

11 Things {an update on September and October}

I really feel like there isn't much to write about, that September and October have been just, "normal."  I like normal!  We slipped into September smoothly with school starting up again.  I have an 11th grader and 10th grader – heavens!  All three of us worked ourselves back into the routine and now we aren't fretting too much that summer is officially over!  We keep our eyes and hearts on all the good things coming up, the things we look forward to, the things we are so thankful for, the big and little things!
1. Trav and Syd on the first day of school!
2.  I now have an instagram account!  @justtiffanyday
3. I took Sydney to a Katy Perry Concert for her birthday – great concert!  She is a great performer, down to earth, humble, kooky, silly and really fun!
4. Taking time to be still, to breathe and be thankful!
5. Went to Downtown LA at night with Travis and his classmates to see a play – A Trip to Bountiful – Cecily Tyson, Vanessa Williams and Blair Underwood – SO good!  Downtown LA is so fun, I need to go there more often.
6. This is one of the things I first see when I walk in the door, that is an old radio/record player – it was my Grannie's – she painted it blue and it started chipping off and I just let it be, the blue reminds me of her.  When you pull on the handle it opens up and the turn table pulls out – there is still an electric cord inside, I am afraid to plug it in!  I use to play house at Grannie's and this was my stove!  I LOVE having this in my house – I love my little house. 
7.  My little house has a tiny bathroom – upside I can clean it in about 15-20 minutes!  It's hard to photograph because it's so tiny! 
8.  Every day is a good day when Travis is your son!
9.  Peaceful wonderful evening – I love candles and fresh flowers in my house!
10.  No more braces!!  After only 15 months Travis got his braces off!!  So grateful I was able to get him braces!
11.  Loving this sweet girl of mine!  Realizing more and more what a true gift she is, so thankful she was born!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sweet Sydney {Happy Birthday}

Just about 15 years ago this bundle of pink love came into my life and I am forever grateful!  Happy Happy Happy birthday to my sweet Sydney girl!  She is my most favorite girl EVER!

She is a delightful, honest, down to earth, silly, very creative and an all around wonderful person.  She is a tremendous blessing to me and her family and friends.  I am so so so so so lucky to be her momma and I love her forever and ever - no matter what!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Isn't Over Yet

As I sit here I gasp a bit realizing I haven't shared or written much at all about my summer.  I haven't shared and written about Travis or Sydney in a quite a while either.  I don’t know how people blog on a consistent basis, maybe I lack discipline!
We spent the last week of summer vacation doing a "stay-cation." It was really really really fun!  It hit me in a profound way that after this summer, I really only have 1 summer left before Travis graduates high school and I am not sure what the summer after he graduates will hold as far as time to just hang out with mom.  I wanted to soak up this time and savor being together.  I have 2 summers left with Syd and then she will graduate – have mercy!  My momma heart is a bit heavy about that reality.  I know it's far enough away so I am not dwelling on it too much – I have so many days between now and then!  Meanwhile, the trunk of my car is still full of beach stuff, sand still lingers on my car seats and my skin is still so brown from the summer sun. 
Spring Valley Lake weekend

close to sunset on Spring Valley Lake
beach day with my Days

dinner at Duke's Malibu - yum!

pool time/cousin time at Rayen Resort

Santa Barbara - heading to the pier
And school started today!  I am thankful to have teenagers in high school!  Thankful they are thriving and still like having back to school dinners with me.
cesar salad, salmon and rice pilaf
Back to School - the Junior and Sophomore!
I sit here after my week off work, longing for our slow mornings and lazy afternoons, already missing morning coffee poolside and not wanting to think about cooking dinner. 
What is it about the kids being in school that makes me think I have to have a schedule and be more organized??  I am digging my heals in a bit as summer wines down. Why does the first day of school make me feel that it's all over? As if it means, no more summer fun allowed!  There is still time, there is still "summer" fun to be had.